Erotic Romance

Book Review: Eraser Crimson (Eraser #4) by Megan Keith.

Eraser Crimson (Eraser #4)

Publication date: September 17th, 2014.

Format: Kindle, 205 pages

Synopsis: Honesty
A relationship needs all three to survive.
Mackenzie is only beginning to uncover the man beneath the mystery, yet she’s already falling for him hard and fast.
What he’s asking from her is more than she’s ever given before.
Her instincts have never let her down in the past, so relying on them now should be simple.
But this is different …
Love is different …
And relationships … well, they’re uncharted territory.

Please Note: This is the 4th novella of the series and they do need to be read in order. Mature 18+ readers only. It contains explicit sex scenes including BDSM type scenarios.

My review:  Well after reading Eraser Lilaconce again I was a little apprehensive despite finally getting a name for Sir!  The author has requested no spoilers in any reviews regarding his name and despite how long it has been since its publication date and the amount of people who have probably read this series and know his name, I’ll respect her wishes.

Sir it is!

My apprehension stems a little from Eraser Blue and I will admit I let the ending of that installment make me a little jaded.  I expected a bad #3 and was pleasantly surprised by it, pleasantly surprised also by Eraser Crimson at least until three quarters of the way in.

I expected a surprise or trauma of some kind at some point in the story – after all, nothing can be perfect all the time – I just didn’t expect this.

In this installment we had romance, sexual scenes, arguments, distrust issues, revelations and all sorts of drama.  Drama is always good, it keeps me from becoming too bored with the plot and keeps the plot from becoming too samey.

In Eraser Lilac we saw Sir come a little more out of his Sir persona – and it is just a persona, he isn’t like that in everyday life – and we see him gather his feelings, his wits and put himself on the line for his Papillon.  So he should.  Turns out Sir did run that background check I suspected in Eraser Lilac and that’s a cause of the drama in this one.

I enjoyed Eraser Crimson (Eraser #4) and have started Eraser Amber.

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