Book Review: SEAL The Deal (Specials Ops: Homefront #1) by Kate Aster

SEAL The Deal (Special Ops: Homefront, 1)Publication date: January 17th, 2013

Format: Kindle, 283 pages

Synopsis: Take one desperate real estate agent… add a Navy SEAL who radiates sex through his pores… toss in a corpse, a pair of stilettos and a handful of friends, and watch the sparks fly…

Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley, a member of the fabled SEAL Team Six, can’t pull his eyes from Lacey Owens at the funeral of his mentor. Yet she is the type of woman he wants to avoid – the kind that gets him thinking about settling down, spawning kids, and finding lower-mortality employment.

Lacey has her own reasons for avoiding Mick. Tired of living in the shadow of her financial mogul sister, this real estate agent has tossed ethics aside to succeed in today’s beleaguered housing market. Her no-fail plan to land lucrative listings? Crashing the funerals of wealthy corpses with the hope their heirs will need to sell their homes.

But when their circles of friends collide, Lacey can’t avoid Mick’s rock-hard abs and a smile that melts her into a pool of hot wax. Friendship blossoms and passion simmers… even as she struggles to conceal the unethical business plan that brought him into her life.

SEAL the Deal is a full-length novel about the fine line that divides friendship and love, and the unexpected joy of crossing it.

My review:  We have one desperate real estate agent and one SEAL back from combat after pissing off his superior.  We have two unlikely characters and we watch them get thrown together.

This book had it all: intrigue, romance, war, death, life, the token creep and of course surprises abound!

There is something so attractive about a man in uniform – whether it is a police officer, a fireman or a member of the military.  Sometimes we have this idea of a military man in our minds: straight-laced, boorish, incapable of fun and very, well, military; yes this can be true but there’s also a man behind the uniform – he can be funny, romantic, and loyal to a fault.

Mick Riley is all of those and more.  His character is one of those guys where you want to fall in love with him but you want to jump his bones first; he’s got it all – charisma, looks, a good attitude and let’s not forget the uniform.

Lacey Owens is our desperate real estate agent – desperate enough to crash funerals in an attempt to gain business. She’s the kind of woman that a man should love – hardworking, beautiful, loving and lots more.

They become friends and there’s definitely more between them, there’s more friendship at first before they become physical with each other and eventually become romantic with each other.

I liked that because there was a buildup to the relationship in this book, the relationship started out as friends before becoming closer and developing a romantic relationship.

I didn’t find any editing errors which can sometimes put me off, I believe this is the authors first book and it was a good one. The prose was well set out, the characters involved – both primary and secondary – flow well with each other and with the dialogue.

I enjoyed SEAL The Deal a lot, it was an easy book to read and not too much drama and angst.

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