Book Review: The SEAL’s Best Man (Special Ops: Homefront #2) by Kate Aster

The SEAL's Best Man (Special Ops: Homefront, 2)Publication date: June 18th, 2014

Format: Kindle, 188 pages

Synopsis: Life is about to change for Lieutenant Jack Falcone.

Stationed at the U.S. Naval Academy, Jack has just learned he’s headed back to the SEALs as an Anti-Submarine Warfare Expert. He’s got six weeks left in Annapolis… six weeks to convince Maeve that some pasts are worth revisiting.

How can she resist?

When Maeve said good-bye to Jack eight years ago after a weekend fling, she never expected he’d return to her life, and wind up the best man in the wedding of her friends, Mick and Lacey. But a lot has happened in the years they’ve been apart… just enough to make a relationship with him impossible.

If she can resist temptation for just six more weeks, her secrets will be safe.

Six weeks… starting… now…

The SEAL’s Best Man is a full-length novel about what happens when the low sizzle of a weekend fling blazes into a bonfire that could burn for a lifetime.

My review: I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first one.  The story-line jumped two years from the end of the first installment but I felt that a lot of the plot didn’t match up with the rest.

For example:

  • The story jumps two years into the future but the baby is only one years old.
  • We have little idea that it is two years in the future as the book starts with a prologue 8 years ago – but it would have been 10 years ago if we’re 2 years in the future, cause Jack and Maeve knew each other 8 years ago in the first book which is set 2 years ago.  Then chapter one jumps to ‘Today’.
  • There’s information missing that it seems we’re expected to know as it gives you the kind of ‘you should know this already’ vibe.

Those are just a few of the errors that I spotted and it made the story a little confusing.

Despite these examples and some other errors in the story, it wasn’t bad.  The plot was pretty basic, there wasn’t a massive amount of development in the characters backgrounds or in their present.  I think there were only two ‘exciting’ things I found in this one: Jack’s mission and the wedding and even then it wasn’t something that I actually read a great amount of detail in.

I didn’t enjoy The SEAL’s Best Man as much as I could have.  If there had been less plot holes then I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more.

My rating: 3 stars

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