Book Review: Contract with a SEAL (Special Ops: Homefront #3) by Kate Aster

Contract with a SEAL (Special Ops: Homefront Book 3)Publication date: October 23rd, 2014

Format: Kindle, 193 pages

Synopsis: Some contracts are meant to be broken…

Desperate to shake herself free from the humiliation of a very public divorce, TV financial correspondent Vi Owens makes a deal with a Navy SEAL Commander who can wipe her slate clean:

One date in the public eye. One night of unrivaled temptation. No strings attached.

Just weeks before he deploys, Captain Joe Shey can’t resist the intriguing offer from the sister-in-law of a fellow SEAL. As Commander of the Teams in Little Creek, however, there’s something he’ll need in return… something that makes Vi realize she’s struck a deal with a man she can’t resist.

But when tragedy strikes and a life is shattered, Vi and the hardened SEAL might discover a depth of passion they never knew existed…

My review: I literally read #2 and #3 so I could read #4.  I wanted to see what happened to the characters in that book.  Contract with a SEAL would have been good if the plot holes were fewer, it was another confusing installment because things kind of jumped backwards and forwards with regards to time and what people were doing.

I have never been in the military or know anyone who has so I can’t comment on the military side of things – I respect the British military and I respect the American military. Men and women who give up their lives to make our lives just a little bit safer, it’s a brave thing they do and I respect the hell out of them.  However, I found #2 and #3 a little hard to follow and a little hard to believe.

I liked Joe’s character more than I liked Vi’s character.  I feel that the plot line was another that followed the little build-up trail that I’ve been seeing a lot recently; the books are short so it makes sense for it to be quick but I find it a little off-putting that the characters use sex as a way out and then they fall in love.

I didn’t enjoy Contract with a SEAL as much as I could have.  I felt it lacking in some ways.

My rating: 3 stars

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