Book Review: Make Mine a Ranger (Special Ops: Homefront #4) by Kate Aster

Make Mine A Ranger (Special Ops: Homefront Book 4)Publication date: November 6th, 2014

Format: Kindle, 186 pages

Synopsis: “It’s not him. It can’t be him…”

24-year-old Bess Foster has a three-year-old daughter she cherishes… friends she adores… and an Army Ranger she’s been fantasizing about for nearly four years.

But she also has a past that haunts her: an abusive ex-boyfriend she fled to protect her child. She thought she was free of him… till she saw his face again.

Sharing a house with a single mom and a preschooler might not sound like the best fit for an Army Ranger. But when First Lieutenant Tyler Griffon finds out that the waterfront house where his long-time friend Bess lives with her daughter has a vacancy, he can’t resist the jaw-dropping view of the Chesapeake Bay.

And when he signs the lease, this Ranger will get more action than he bargained for…

My review: I originally thought I’d only read the first book in this series, I’m not really a fan of short stories but I really liked the character of Bess as we are introduced to her in the first book as a scared, abused, pregnant young woman.  I had thought that the story of Bess would be along pretty quickly but it turned out I had to wait until book number four; despite my reservations over #2 and #3 – I didn’t like them all that much at all – I stuck with it and waited.

I’m glad that I did. The story of Bess as we know it is that she’s a young, single mother of one with a penchant for cooking who escaped her abusive boyfriend the day she found out she was pregnant with his child.

She’s a strong character who survived someone trying to break her down for that I give her props.  She got herself a job, somewhere to live and friends who helped her out when she was in need.   In the first book, we see Bess meet Tyler – a ranger when she is pregnant then we don’t see a whole lot of him until she goes into labor in a coffee shop while he’s there catching up with her by chance.

In the second and third we see Tyler give Abigail – Bess’ daughter – presents for her birthday and Christmas which is sweet.  In Make Mine a Ranger, he comes home for a year. And I find that there is more romance in this one book than in the other 3 combined.

This one was well written, the plot line was enjoyable and the characters flowed well with each other rather than drifted a little off topic.  Tyler getting jealous of another man trying to move in on the woman he considers his own was pretty good and it was overly jealous where I wanted to smack a bit of sense into him.

I preferred Make Mine a Ranger over # 2 and #3, it made up for the disappointment of those two installments.

My rating: 4 stars

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