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Book Review: The Club (The Club #1) by Lauren Rowe

The Club (The Club Trilogy Book 1)

Publication date: 5th January, 2015

Format: Kindle, 300 pages

Synopsis: When playboy businessman Jonas Faraday receives a private note from the anonymous intake agent assigned to process his online application to an exclusive club, he becomes obsessed with finding her and giving her the satisfaction she claims has always eluded her.

Sarah : “When I read Jonas Faraday’s brutally honest personal message on his application to The Club, I practically climaxed at my desk. I’m an idiot to risk losing my job but I couldn’t resist contacting him. I knew my confession would be like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of his nose—but never in a million years did I think he’d actually hunt me down.”

Jonas :”I was shocked to get my intake agent’s email—I’d attached that note to my application on a whim, never expecting a reply from an actual person, let alone a reply as mind blowing as that. Her message was so alluring, so irresistible, I’ve been spiraling into a full-blown obsession ever since I got it. What’s her name? What does she look like? Finding her is my top priority.”

In The Club, what starts out as an innocent exploration of attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.
**Contains graphic adult content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+

My review: Wow. At first when I started reading this I thought what am I reading? It was to say the least real steamy.

We follow Jonas Faraday during his application to The Club – an exclusive club where people pay for a membership to build relationships with each other. Jonas Faraday joins to have a new woman to have sex with whenever he wants; he has got the mother of all God complexes and thinks he is Gods gift to women. He is cock-sure, loaded, chauvinistic, dirty mouthed and built for sin. He is an Alpha male with the traditional Alpha-maleness you expect.

However, he’s also got that softer side we all know we want in our men; his God complex hides a vulnerability that he doesn’t let anyone see except for Sarah.

He outlines in detail what he wants from a woman – lots of sex and to not feel like an asshole after he leaves her.  He outlines in detail what he wants to do to a woman, that he’s real good with his tongue and that he is supremely pissed off by the woman who faked her orgasm with him one day a year ago.

In contrast we have Sarah Cruz, a ten-percenter. By that I mean she is one of the 10% of women in the world who cannot have an orgasm and believe me she’s tried.  She is a law student at University, who took on a part time job working as an intake agent at The Club to help pay her expenses.  She is also quite dominant and traditionally two dominant personalities clash and badly.  Sarah and Jonas, however, didn’t clash all that often and when they did it was resolved pretty quickly.

Jonas sends a personalized note to his intake agent never expecting to get a reply back from them but he did. I think he starts to fall from then on – my favourite line from this section is “Oh my god, I have to find this woman before I have a fucking stroke.” Sounds about right to me.

An idea of what Jonas is like: “Sarah Cruz is about to learn one of the immutable laws of nature, a principle as immovable and unavoidable as the theory of relativity or Boyle’s law of gases or motherfucking gravity. It’s called Faraday’s law of attraction and it goes a little something like this: When Jonas Faraday wants a particular woman, Jonas Faraday shall have her. And in this particular instance, Jonas Faraday wants the magnificent Sarah Cruz. End of fucking story.”

It turns out that The Club is actually a really high priced online brothel, Sarah figures it out after she sees a woman that Jonas had sex with meet with another man in a completely different ‘category’ of compatibility. To be fair it sort of makes sense but then it also doesn’t, why would a rich, good looking guy need to pay between $30,000 (for a month) and $250,000 (for a year) to have sex?

Needless to say that after Sarah admits she’s never had an orgasm, Jonas takes it as a challenge and does everything he said he’d never do in order to prove his point that he’s an ultimate ladies man. He wines her and dines her, takes her on a hiking holiday and quotes Plato and inevitably falls in love.

As is typical there’s always something to throw a spanner in the works. In this case it comes in the form of a burglary in Sarah’s house where her laptop is stolen which has all the information about The Club in. I think it’s someone related to the brothel side but I won’t find that out until the next instalment or two.

It’s a pretty unique plot for me though it does have its commonalities with other books; overall I quite enjoyed The Club however I won’t be continuing the series just yet as it isn’t out yet.

My rating: 4.5 stars

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