Book Review: Immortal Ops by Mandy M. Roth

Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops, #1)

I am an absolute sucker for plots that involve genetically modified men and women.  I read my first ever book with that theme when I was about 16 and by god was I hooked; since then, whenever I find a book that involves genetic modification I am all over that like white on rice.

It is rare for me to find a good one or one that I like.  The Immortal Ops series I went for as I have a love of Michelle M. Pillow’s work and she works closely with Mandy M. Roth – I’ve read Mandy’s work before and liked that too; when I started reading Immortal Ops I was open-minded and I wanted to see where the story went.

Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is given the mission to assassinate Peren Matthews – to begin with I thought “what?!” and grumbled to myself, I was expecting werewolves and other paranormal beasties not an assassin. I carried on reading for a few chapters and quickly told myself to shut up.  Though Lukian doesn’t come out and say he’s a lycan right away, it’s clear to see through Mandy’s descriptions of him and his mannerisms, of the Alpha that just bleeds from his pores that he is.

Peren, on the other hand, screams human at the beginning and then all sorts of freaky deaky paranormal comes crawling out of the woodwork and she begins to show signs of being not quite 100% human.  What got me hooked was the fact that Lukian decided not to kill Peren (anyone feeling what I’m feeling?) for reasons unknown to him (at the moment) based on a gut feeling – that’s such a shapeshifter thing to do.  But then he proceeds to follow her out of the bar, chase after her, protect her from dying and then kidnaps her and her friends, oh yeah real suave.

The Immortal Ops are very secretive and don’t much care for the politics of their government, they disobeyed direct orders and took the mission into their own hands and what a mission!

Lukian and Peren get a little bit closer than they probably should do considering that Lukian is sent to kill her and Peren has a fear of Lycans (being attacked by one would do that to anyone) however, the sex is pretty sexy, the connection between the two of them is not only on the physical side but also on the mental side as Lukian can hear Peren’s thoughts.

Immortal Ops is filled with intrigue, hatred, genetically modified super soldiers, sex, love, death and of course the requisite crackpot that is bound to be there when it comes to a genetically modified story-line.  Written very well and very few editing errors, Immortal Ops is the beginning of a series that I know will be more than sufficient to fulfill my need for the freaky deaky side of the paranormal.

The characters are well balanced with each other – the lead characters mesh well with the secondary characters and there’s no major disturbance in terms of main characters hating on other main characters.  There’s a phenomenal relationship between the other Immortal Ops and Wilson that carries on throughout this book and into the others also.

Series: Immortal Ops

The Verdict: Hell yes!

For: Lovers of the paranormal, Alpha men, and twists.

Publication details: June 2004 by New Concepts Publishing.

Format: Kindle, 129 pages

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