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Book Review: Incandescent by River Savage

Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC, #1)

What can I say? Incandescent really brought Motorcycle Club novels to my attention.  I’ve read a couple in the past but found them lacking in some ways but Incandescent had it all, kudos to River Savage for writing this.

When I say it had it all, I mean it had the ideal Alpha male, the ideal female to give him a run for his money, the “typical” brooding bad boy in the form of Sylas, the actual bad boy (or in this case, boys) and let’s not forget trauma, intrigue, anger and sexual tension that you can cut with a knife.

Phoenix ‘Nix’ Knight is the lead male character in Incandescent – he’s the president of the Knights Rebels MC after taking over from his father Red Knight; Nix has done everything he can to ensure that the Knights Rebels keep their nose clean and that it stays that way after his father got into some bad business dealings.

Kadence Turner is the lead female character – she’s a school teacher who teaches Nix’s son Zayden.  She’s been through her fair share of trauma and tends to stay away from bad boys and members of MC.  Her ex-fiancé got in to some shady business and the MC he pissed off threw a Molotov cocktail through her window, she got caught in the fire and is left with scarring; however despite this, she still gives as good as she gets when it comes to Nix.

Incandescent opens in the past: we’re right there alongside Kadence during the fire that changes her life forever, it’s a brief chapter but it’s full of description that lets you feel how Kadence is feeling while it’s happening.

It then jumps to present day and Kadence is having a meeting with Zayden and another child and their parents, Zayden’s mother doesn’t turn up and instead informs Nix that he needs to go to the meeting fifteen minutes late, he arrives and the tension begins in a small way.  The plot line itself follows Kadence and Nix and their growing relationship although their relationship is to be fair, purely sexual at first and what a sexual relationship.

He’s got a mouth like a sailor and a body built for sin, he’s tattooed, rocks a pair of motorcycle boots and he’s got alpha in spades.  There’s something about a man that talks dirty to you before, during and after the deed.  Kadence, on the other hand, comes across like a bit of a goody two shoes who doesn’t quite know what to do with Nix and his demands in the beginning, she sure does after she knees him the nuts because he followed her into the bathroom.

The ex-fiancé comes back on the scene and proves how much of an asshole he really is, doesn’t help much that Nix knows what he’s capable of and he lets Kadence know that.  It doesn’t blow over well but they end up getting back together after a couple of days once they’ve all calmed down.  However, the ex-fiancé kidnaps Kadence and Holly while they’re out and shit hits the fan, people get injured, other people die and I won’t spoil it for anyone cause y’all need to read this.

Incandescent was written in such a way that not only could I not put it down, I also went and purchased the next in the series Affliction so I can find out what happens as the two timelines kind of cross over (I know this through reading a sample of Affliction).  Incandescent has a seamless cross over with Affliction which is something that I like; it also has all the earmarks of a series that will continue to throw spanners in the works of the characters’ lives.

The writing style flowed well and the characters meshed together in a way that said the author knew who was who and where they were supposed to be at that particular part in the storyline.  Very good character styles all of whom had their own individual voice and River Savage allowed those voices to speak their piece at a time that it suited the storyline rather than having everything all jumbled.

Series: Knights Rebels MC

The Verdict: Amazing

For: Lovers of tattooed filthy mouthed men, motorcycle clubs, revenge MC style and women who give as good as they get.

Publication details: August 9th 2014 by River Savage

Format: Kindle, 241 pages

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