Book Review: The Suit by B.N. Toler

The Suit (Holly Springs, #1)

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit? I know I do, however, I was disappointed in The Suit.

Book synopsis: What happens when two dreams collide?

Fed up with the farm life and his one-time love of training horses, John Wilson has traded his tattered boots and jeans for power suits and cufflinks. Through hard work and determination, John has just graduated from law school and is focused on a fresh start. Refusing to let his bitter past hinder his future, John is intent on moving forward with his new life.

Except there’s one last thing he has to do—settle old debts before he can truly move on.

Unfortunately, settling debts involves him returning to a life he’s worked hard to forget. A mind-numbing summer working on a horse farm awaits him, and he’s dreading every damn minute of it.

Edie James is mourning the loss of her grandfather when John Wilson shows up in his perfectly tailored suit, reeking sexiness and city elegance—everything she’s not. Their meeting is less than pleasant as they both distastefully size up one another.

She thinks he’s arrogant and a white-collar yuppie.

He thinks she’s a simple, goody two-shoes farm girl.

Edie’s grandfather made a new will before he passed leaving stipulations in order for Edie to inherit the family farm. And as if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, the suit has to work on the farm with her for three months to settle a debt he owed to her grandfather.

And he’s moving in with her.

With a rocky start, the two seemingly polar opposites call a truce and attempt to be friends. As their unexpected friendship blooms, an attraction develops and both realize their first impression of each other is far from the truth. Now this once dreaded summer is set to be the hottest and most unforgettable they’ve ever had.

My review: It was supposed to be a romance but I didn’t feel all that romanced by it – by the idea of it maybe but the actual plot line was a bit of a letdown.  I’d read the reviews previously and thought it would be a good little story to read but I found myself struggling to enjoy it.

The plot line was basic and consisted of a death in Edie James’ family, an out of town lawyer comes to town and gives her the will of her grandfather the night after the funeral where she got drunk at the ’afterparty’ (classy), John Wilson – who will hereafter be called The Suit or Suit and not just in this review either – appears at her house the next morning and delivers the news about her grandfathers will and what the conditions are of her keeping the house.

What irritated me right off the bat that Suit got jealous over the fact that there was another man at Edie’s house (regardless of that man being a friend), Suit and Edie were trading barbs the night before and again in the morning when he turns up uninvited to tell her that her grandfather wanted him to move in for a month.

What the actual fuck?

Within a week of hating each other and avoiding each other they suddenly have this great idea that they should hook up.  That’s great, go do your thing just don’t read from other books aloud and pretend to be other people while you’re trying to have sex regardless of how hot you think it is.

It wasn’t that bad overall, I was just disappointed and felt that there could have been a bit more work on it in terms of actual character development and a plot line that didn’t make me roll my eyes at every chapter.  It was corny and cheesy and I wasn’t a fan.

Series: Holly Springs

The Verdict: 2.5 stars

For: Lovers of cowboy-type romances, men in suits, role-play games.

Publication details: September 10th, 2014 by B.N. Toler

Format: Kindle, 200 pages

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