Recommendation: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson


The capital of Arelon, the home to people transformed into magic-using demigods by the Shaod.

But then the magic failed, Elantris started to rot, and its inhabitants turned into powerless wrecks.

And in the new capital, Kae, close enough to Elantris for everyone to be reminded of what they have lost, a princess arrives. Sarene is to be married to unite Teod and Arelon against the religious imperialists of Fjordell. But she is told that Raoden, her husband to be, is dead.

Determined to carry on the fight for Teod and Arelon’s freedom, Sarene clashes with the high priest Hrathen. If Hrathen can persuade the populace to convert, Fjordell will reign supreme.

But there are secrets in Elantris, the dead and the ruined may yet have a role to play in this new world. Magic lives.

Why I recommend it: Call me Judgey McJudgerson. I judged the ever-loving crap out of the cover for Elantris which is the cover above, I judged it and I did not find it lacking at all.  It is such a beautiful cover that I was instantly drawn to it and I instantly flipped the book over and devoured the blurb.   I thought – when I’d finished – that this was the book for me.

Elantris was definitely a very well written book.  It was the first book by Brandon Sanderson that I’d read and I promptly went out and bought another of his books.

Elantris was the home of the gods, beautiful, radiant beings with the power of the Dor at their fingertips. Every Elantrian was once a regular person, before the Shaod took them, transforming them. But then, the magic failed.

Elantris began to crumble the people became ‘other’ and the Shaod became a death sentence.  Ten years later, a princess from a faraway land sails into the city of Kae to marry the Crown Prince Raoden.  When the princess Sarene arrives she finds out that Raoden has ‘died’ and despite not actually being married she is considered his widow nonetheless.

As Sarene settles into the Arelish court, she comes face to face with the Gyorn Hrathen, a priest determined to convert the nation of Arelon by any means necessary.  Raoden was struck by the Shaod and was secretly exiled to Elantris where he makes it his mission to revive the city and bring the magic back to Elantris.

Elantris was full of everything you’d come to expect of a high fantasy novel, it had: danger, excitement, a little bit of romance; the fantasy aspect was through the roof and it was written in such a way that it gave me shivers.

I’ve read this book about 8 times since I purchased it and I will read it again and again.

My verdict: 5 stars

For lovers of: Sci-fi, fantasy, magic and a strong determination to fight for freedom.

The Author: Brandon Sanderson was born in December 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a child Brandon enjoyed reading, but he lost interest in the types of titles often suggested for him, and by junior high he never cracked a book if he could help it. This all changed in eighth grade when an astute teacher, Mrs. Reader, gave Brandon Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly. Brandon thoroughly enjoyed this book, and went in search of anything similar. He discovered such authors as Robert Jordan, Melanie Rawn, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, and Orson Scott Card. Brandon continued to be an avid reader through junior high and high school. He liked epic fantasy so much that he even tried his hand at writing some. His first attempts, he says, were dreadful.

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