Paranormal Romance

Book Review: The Flame by Jean Johnson

The Flame (Sons of Destiny, #7)Title: The Flame

Author: Jean Johnson

Series: Sons of Destiny #7

The Verdict: ★★★★

For: Lovers of the supernatural, men with magical powers, women from other worlds and women with powers to rival the men, a love that is destined by fate.

Genres: Paranormal romance, fantasy romance

Publication details: July 5th 2011 by Berkley

Format: Mass Market Paperback

eBook Links: Amazon UK Amazon US Nook iTunes Books Kobo Google Play Books

Book Synopsis: Koranen of Nightfall is burned out on his Curse-a destructive flame that courses beneath his flesh. How can he find a woman to endure the literal heat of his passion? But when he meets the beautiful Danau, the couple prove that fire and water always make steam.

The Eldest Son shall bear this weight: If ever true love he should feel Disaster shall come at her heel And Katan will fail to aid When Sword in sheath is claimed by Maid

The Second Son shall know this fate: He who hunts is not alone When claw would strike and cut to bone A chain of Silk shall bind his hand So Wolf is caught in marriage-band

The Third of Sons shall meet his match: Strong of will and strong of mind You seek she who is your kind Set your trap and be your fate When Lady is the Master’s mate

The Fourth of Sons shall find his catch: The purest note shall turn to sour And weep in silence for the hour But listen to the lonely Heart And Song shall bind the two apart

The Fifth Son shall seek the sign: Prowl the woods and through the trees Before you in the woods she flees Catch her quick and hold her fast The Cat will find his Home at last

The Sixth Son shall draw the line: Shun the day and rule the night Your reign’s end shall come at light When Dawn steals into your hall Bride of Storm shall be your fall

The Seventh Son shall he decree: Burning bright and searing hot You shall seek that which is not Mastered by desire’s name Water shall control the Flame.

The Eighth Son shall set them free: Act in Hope and act in love Draw down your powers from above Set your Brothers to their call When Mage has wed, you will be all.’

‘Song of the Sons of Destiny’ The Seer Draganna

My Review: Above is the Song of the Sons of Destiny – 8 brothers born in 4 sets of twins exactly 2 years apart to the day – because of the circumstances of their birth they fulfilled the Prophecy.  For those of you who haven’t read the other 6 in the series, each verse equates to a brother – Saber, Wolfer, Dominor, Evanor, Trevan, Rydan, Koranen and Morganen – and each brother has a book of their own (in the song above I have italicized each book name).

In The Flame we follow Koranen (Kor) elder twin to Morganen (Morg) and Pyromancer extraordinaire.  Now I love me a bit of fire in my books no matter what form it comes in, in The Flame it comes in the form of a Pyromancer. The Sons of Destiny as they are known are all mages and can all control magic to some extent or another; before they were born the Seer Draganna prophesied there would be eight brothers born in four sets of twins and that destiny would change as they know it.

After they had been born and their parents died the Sons of Destiny were cast out of Katan – their homeland and banished to Nightfall Isle (which ironically was the home of the Seer Draganna) where they were to be on their own with no female companionship as Saber’s verse signals a disaster to Katan.

Verse seven – The Seventh Son shall he decree: Burning bright and searing hot You shall seek that which is not Mastered by desire’s name Water shall control the Flame – indicates that Koranen’s Destined bride will be his opposite.  The story ties in to the others quite nicely as it is a continuation of the story, Morganen’s destiny is to match-make his brothers and he works it so that several single female Aquamancers can be brought to the Isle in order to fulfill the prophecy.

Four Aquamancers are brought to the Isle and Koranen goes about testing each one to see if they could be his Destined bride – it involves testing them against the natural heat that he gives off when stressed or feeling strong emotions.  In my opinion, I didn’t like any of the Aquamancers – I liked Danau better than the rest but I still feel that her character rubbed me the wrong way.

As there has been in the previous books there is drama all over this book but I felt that it was too crammed; there was literally something dramatic happening at every turn. I felt like she was trying to make too much happen in too short a period of time.

Despite my initial dislike of Danau, I liked her better towards the end of the book than I did in the first three quarters. She kinda grew on me when she got over her frigidity and starting warming up to Kor *nudge nudge*, but I still felt that she was a bit too meh for my tastes.

I liked Koranen and the brothers, I always have done. I also like the fact that the book is written in mostly the male POV as I don’t think there are enough books written from the male perspective. The writing style itself – in this particular novel – I felt jumped about a bit too much and was very bitty and a little bit jumbled but that is just my opinion. There was a HEA (and we all love a HEA) but there was also a cliff-hanger which leads on to the final book.

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