Book Review: sLick by Kristi Pelton **Mature rating**

SlickTitle: sLick

Author: Kristi Pelton

Series: Standalone

The Verdict: ★★

For: Lovers of men in ball caps, musicians with attitude, a quick love

Genres: Contemporary romance, Musician romance, new adult

Publication details: March 15th, 2015

Format: Kindle, 318 pages

***Please note this is intended for 18+ readers***

Book Synopsis: People float in and out of our lives and sometimes, when you least expect it one person changes everything.

Tessa Ashby was abandoned in an East Coast boarding school, merely existing, never truly feeling loved. Before fulfilling obligations her father has sentenced her to, she escapes and breathes eight weeks of freedom in southern California. Bodhi loves: his music, his body and his buddies…the order is debatable depending on the day. His past taught him to be selective with the people he trusts. Bodhi doesn’t date, and he was lucky if he remembered a woman’s name. He was alone in a world of people. All that changed when an innocent, brown-eyed, smart mouthed beauty showed up on his doorstep. Are they the answer to each other’s prayers or will manipulation and deception destroy them?

My review: 

sLick is a journey of coming of age, falling in love and overcoming the many obstacles that can be thrown in your way on that journey.  Frankly, it’s a romance that’s a bit too confusing for my tastes.

I like my romances to be long and romantic, filled with the odd bit of drama to balance the sugary sweetness, good relationship builders and good relationships between all the characters. sLick – unfortunately – was nothing but drama; the book started out in the present  for the first chapter giving minimal introduction as to what had happened before jumping 4 years into the past for half to three quarters of the book.

In sLick we meet Tessa Ashby – 17 year old rich girl from Mass who is going to California to spend a couple of months with her cousin Elle. We meet Tyler who Tessa lies about her age to in a misguided attempt at appearing older than she is; her reasoning behind lying about her age is that she thought she’d never see him again.  Straight away, I knew that wasn’t going to be the case and sure enough I was right.

She drops him off at his house in a limo – being a rich girl and all – and she meets Bohdi (pretty sweet name) the 21 year old guitarist of the band The O-Seed and its one of those love at first sight kinda gigs. Only not love just extreme lust and oodles of stupidity.

From there it just turns into drama and poor choices.  Needless to say no one ever told Tessa to make good choices.


Bohdi’s real name is Bain Ellingston and due to a pretty crappy family he made a poor choice to take pornographic pictures which are all over the internet so he changed his name, not legally or anything.  Elle – being Tessa’s cousin – decides it’s a good idea to tell Tessa about the pictures and about why Bohdi/Bain doesn’t date, doesn’t do relationships, doesn’t remember the name of the women he fucks.  In fact, he just doesn’t do anything good relating to women at all.

He’s controlling, jealous as all get out and also makes some pretty stupid mistakes.  She is young, naive, and too soppy for my tastes.

So after several instances of unnecessary drama where they walk away from each other – on numerous occasions, requiring someone to go grovelling – Elle gets high on cocaine because she split up with her boyfriend (great choice!) Tessa is kidnapped by Ali – Bohdi’s most recent fuck-buddy/ex – she finally loses her virginity to Bodhi (after he freaked out the first time she told him), Tessa has a car crash because of another douchebag mistake of Bohdi’s, she gets arrested because she’s a minor, had a fake ID and oh yeah let’s not forget the cocaine that Elle left behind!


Then to make matters worse, Tessa’s dad gets involved and brings with him Tessa’s fiancé – oh yes ladies and gents Tessa is under contract to marry another dude.  Her father is horrible, her mother not much better. Her father tells Bohdi that under no circumstances is he to contact Tessa again, slaps him with a restraining order, tells Tessa he went to prison for the cocaine he said was his etc. The drama was literally everything and everywhere and it was just too much.

They got back together for one night a few months later, he gets attacked by Tessa’s security guards and you can get the jist of where I’m going here.   Don’t get me wrong, I believe in love, I just don’t feel comfortable with declarations in books after 2 or 3 weeks, I don’t feel like the characters in books who have that quick of a relationship know each other enough to love each other and to be honest, it’s usually the female who admits she loves the male – come on guys, you’re capable of love too.

The story jumps back to present day and the drama just continues, the woman who Tessa has been led to believe as her mother for 21 years turns out to not actually be her mother, Tessa agreed to never see Bohdi again when she was 17 in exchange for a contract for his band.  The drama is endless and far too much.

Their entire relationship is based on lies and deceit, manipulation from multiple parties and pretty much everything bad has been thrown at them but the best bit out of this whole book? They overcome all of that and have their happily ever after.  I love a happily ever after.

sLick however is not something I will be reading again due to everything outlined above, I don’t much like books like this at all.

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