That's What HE Said Thursday

That’s What HE Said Thursday #7 – 13th August 2015


That’s What HE Said Thursday is a weekly book meme as hosted by Chapter BreakEvery Thursday post a favourite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine.  A piece of dialogue direct from a book and not a description of the male in question.

Following on from my Top Ten Tuesday post this week I’ve decided to go for another Nalini Singh book boyfriend.  She has so many and they’re each different in their own way.  Gabriel Bishop is a T-Rex, he’s a ruthless businessman and a former rugby player – he’s all business all the time but I think the following quote is perfect.  His lady love is Charlotte Baird otherwise known as Charliemouse as she is quite mousey and prefers to stay small and unobtrusive in all aspects.

Their first meeting is anything but and their working relationship stays that way throughout the book where it develops into one hot relationship.

Rock Hard (Rock Kiss, #2)


“Done and done. You’re mine now, Ms. Baird. And I’m yours. Always.” – Gabriel Bishop to Charlotte Baird.

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