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Book Review: The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow

Title: The Mighty Hunter (Lords of the Abyss #1)The Mighty Hunter

Author: Michelle M. Pillow

Series: Lords of the Abyss #1

The Verdict: ★★★

For: Lovers or mermen, old-timey ways and a love fated by the Gods

Genres: Paranormal romance, shapeshifters

Publication details: July 21st 2010 by Raven Books

Format: Kindle, 172 pages

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Scientist Bridget Dutton has no time for traditional love. Her heart belongs to her work. Even though taking chemical readings of ocean water isn’t her thing, she’s willing to put in her time for her chance at exploring the Abyss. When her boat is attacked from below, Bridget’s dream just might come true sooner than planned.

Caderyn the Hunter, the sexiest–and perhaps craziest–man she’s ever laid eyes on may have rescued her from death, but who’s going to rescue her from him? With a deliciously hot body and all the right moves, the man is a walking seduction that’s too hard to resist. There’s only one problem. Caderyn claims they’re in the Abyss, living on a cursed island along the deep ocean floor. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, he says he’s a merman.

Sparks fly. Desires heat. But can Caderyn convince the logical Bridget there’s room for more than one love in her heart?

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.


I’ve had The Mighty Hunter for nearly two years and it’s just been sitting in my TBR folder that entire time – my TBR pile is pretty huge and a lot of books that I could easily breeze through are taking a back burner in favour of newer books on the list.  I decided to pick up The Mighty Hunter and the other Lords of the Abyss as a quick read (total of approximately 400 pages) and I’m a fan of Michelle M. Pillow’s work, she’s an auto buy author but strangely, I was quite disappointed in The Mighty Hunter.

It was a unique idea; don’t get me wrong I mean, how often do you read a book about cursed mermen? But I found The Mighty Hunter to be quite basic – in retrospect, 172 pages isn’t the length of Michelle’s usual work so maybe I was a little bit stunted by the shortness but I found the storyline to be a bit lacking.  It wasn’t awful by any means but I felt that some of the telling of the story was a little bit backward. The main female character Bridget left much to be desired in terms of her as a character – she was a scientist who found it incredibly hard to believe in myths, legends and merfolk, I don’t blame her really but she spent the majority of the novella in either a state of disbelief or incredibly angry.

I was confused as to why she was so angry all the time about things that were basically unchangeable – Caderyn saved her life by giving her his energy, sure he could have left to die in the ocean but he chose to save her.  She couldn’t have been more ungrateful if she’d tried.

Bridget – as a scientist dedicated to her work and a modern day woman – finds it incredibly difficult to accept that she’s at the bottom of the ocean floor in the Abyss, finds it difficult to accept the fact that she feels something besides anger towards Caderyn and finds it hard to reconcile with the fact that Caderyn doesn’t want or need a barefoot and pregnant wife.

Caderyn the Hunter on the other hand has got the patience of a bloody saint.  His character understandably has got patience in spades from his work as a hunter and the fact that he’s a cursed merman living an immortal life with next to no hope of returning to his time.  It’s quite sad really.  Caderyn takes his responsibility as the carer for Bridget very seriously and does his utmost to make her comfortable in her new surroundings.

Bridget’s only saving grace is that she ends up loosening up under the onslaught of the “euphoria” the affect caused by being on the brink of death when brought to the Abyss and it’s a grace period for the Merr to explain the new surroundings. As I expected the euphoria wore off pretty quickly and Bridget got angry again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like The Mighty Hunter much as I couldn’t get along with the heroine of the story; she just had too much going against her for me to like her.  Fortunately, Caderyn the Hunter more than made up for the shortcomings I felt Bridget had; plus there was the added bonus of merfolk, sea creatures, insane merfolk and sexual content to steam any room.

The writing style in this one was very different to the way Michelle usually writes her books, possibly because it was such a short novella and she had to cram enough of the storyline in to flesh it out without going into too much detail.  Overall, it wasn’t as awful as I thought it was at the beginning 30-40 pages and it did improve but I didn’t feel like it warranted a 4 star rating.

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