Brandon Sanderson Signing – 19th October 2015



On the evening of Monday 19th October 2015 hundreds of fans of Brandon Sanderson flocked to Forbidden Planet London on Shaftesbury Avenue to attend a signing for the UK leg of his Book Tour celebrating the release of Shadows of Self. My mother kindly came with me and acted as chief book carrier due to my wrists; we arrived at about 5pm and were 13th in the queue.

Before we started queuing, my mum (the legend) bought me the rest of the Brandon books I was missing – and have been missing for years.  I originally arrived with 5 books and I left with 12!

Two hours later, the doors opened and over 100 people flooded the downstairs of Forbidden Planet (for those of you who have never been to the store, downstairs is their book and comic book floor – absolutely rammed with books everywhere).

We were treated to a 20 minute reading from The Stormlight Archive book 3 – it was fantastic and November 2016 can’t come any quicker.  I got a photo with him, that without his question to me “would I like one?”, I wouldn’t have got! His publicist was off talking to someone when it was my turn for the signing and I nearly missed it but he corralled her to take it – I was so happy.

I also got a picture taken with my mum and I with Brandon which was really nice.  She’d kill me if I posted it though 😛

20151019_191015 20151019_191014 20151019_190956

Brandon was such a nice guy, and the reading was excellent as I’ve said. The reading consisted of a flashback of Dalinar and it was just sooo good.  A guy in front of me got his Kindle signed!

20151019_221517The Books20151019_221526

First up to be signed was of course my copy of Elantris. This was the first Brandon Sanderson book I ever read – and the first he ever published. You can read my recommendation here. I had this one personalised as it means a lot to me, I’ve read it about 8 times and can tell you what happens in it with no stumbles.

Brandon drew a little rune of Elantris in my book also which I thought was quite nifty.

20151019_22161220151019_22163520151019_221627Next up was The Way of Kings – Book One of the Stormlight Archive. My copy of The Way of Kings is split into two books – Book One, Part One and Book One, Part Two.  I’ve had Book One, Part One for years and never got Book One, Part Two until August when my best friend bought it for me at the last signing I attended.

You can see the difference in age just by looking at the front cover!


20151019_221710I also got Words of Radiance signed which are two that my mum bought 20151019_221718me for Christmas.
Again Words of Radiance is split into Book Two, Part One and Book Two, Part Two.

I also got Warbreaker and Steelheart signed. You can read my review of Steelheart here.

20151019_221809 20151019_221819 20151019_221738 20151019_221747


20151019_221933Last but certainly not least is the entire Mistborn 20151019_221944series so far. I already owned The Final Empire and it was the second book I purchased from Brandon Sanderson, it’s one of those books where you can’t read just one.  You have to read them all.

I really liked the quote that Brandon added to my copy, I didn’t ask for it but he did it anyway which I thought was quite nice of him.

I purchased Shadows of Self on Saturday in preparation for the signing so I had that one too but I was missing the second and third in the trilogy and the first “spin-off” novel.

My mum bought me The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages and The Alloy of Law last night.

20151019_221953 20151019_222001 20151019_222011 20151019_222022

20151019_222244I also – or I should say my mum, as she was awesome last night, collecting things and getting half my books signed – picked up each of the below cards and we were both given a pretty nifty Brandon Sanderson/Shadows of Self lanyard to keep. The cards are each series individually and the thing with Brandon Sanderson that I love is that he colour codes! His books are all consistently published by the same publisher and in the same style and all with colour coded series.

20151019_222258 20151019_222254 20151019_222250

Mistborn – Stormlight Archive – Reckoners


That was my shelf last night which makes a HUGE change from how it used to be.  However, Christmas presents mean Christmas. Both parts of Words of Radiance, Steelheart, Warbreaker, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages and The Alloy of Law are all getting wrapped up for Christmas for me to open. I can’t complain at all as it’s seven signed books that I’ll receive on Christmas Day *SQUEE*.

In all, it was a fantastic night, Brandon Sanderson was such a lovely guy and I really loved meeting him. I thought it was fantastic that he agreed to sign whatever you had with you.  Only one personalisation per person as they didn’t expect that many people to turn up, I was lucky – I got two purely because my mum held half of my books for signing.  I had his entire back catalogue barring about 4 of the above series novellas signed and I was estatic.

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