Contemporary Romance

Book Review: Hot Ink by Ranae Rose

Hot InkHot Ink (Inked in the Steel City, #1)

Author: Ranae Rose

Series: Inked in the Steel City #1

The Verdict: ★★★

For: Lovers of tattoos and romance

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Publication details: December 14th, 2011 by Ranae Rose

Format: Kindle, 157 pages

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Mina never meant to fall for her sexy tattoo artist, Eric, or to become a model. But when she’s asked to pose in a photo shoot for the Hot Ink tattoo studio, she can’t say no. She finally gets a look at Eric’s tattoos when they’re cajoled into posing together, and in a few breathtaking moments, an on-camera kiss turns the passion they’re asked to fake into something very real, leaving them both wanting more.

The only problem is that Mina’s not the glamour girl she looks like on the Hot Ink posters, or even in a tattoo magazine. She’s only twenty-four, but being the sole guardian of her disabled younger sister has left her feeling much older. Will Eric still be interested when he gets to know the girl behind the ink and the make-up and finds out that she and her little sister are a package deal?


In theory this was a good book. In practice it unfortunately left much to be desired.  From the title you kind of automatically expect good things – in reality Hot Ink is the name of the tattoo shop in the book, there’s minimal ink and even less hotness.

I liked Eric as a character – I felt he was very understanding, quite nice and polite, good looking (I’m assuming) and tattooed up to his eyeballs (not literally).

I also disliked Eric as a character as I felt he didn’t have much of a backbone.  Grow a pair man! He basically just rolled over and let Mina tell him whatever he wanted to hear and I don’t like characters like that.

I disliked Mina as a character as I felt she was too self-centered – which when you consider that she cares for her sister like no ones business and does everything she can to make sure her disabled sister is comfortable and looked after etc is saying something – the entire 157 pages were from Mina’s point of view and she was so annoying.

“What if he only wants sex?” Love he’s male. He wants sex regardless but let him tell you what his intentions are or better yet why not ask him?

“When he finds out my sister comes first he won’t want to know.” Again, how about you ask him?

She tried to put a barrier on every single instance of their budding relationship for the first 130 pages and then all of a sudden she’s all gung-hoe about it.  I didn’t like it.

The writing style itself wasn’t overly bad,  I think the fact that I didn’t like Mina overshadowed the story itself as it would have been a much better story if the characters were stronger. The above are not direct quotes from the book I’ve paraphrased to an extent but you get the jist. Hot Ink had some good ideas I just feel that they were poorly executed.


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