That's What HE Said Thursday

That’s What HE Said Thursday #18 – 26th November 2015


That’s What HE Said Thursday is a weekly book meme as hosted by Chapter BreakEvery Thursday post a favourite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine.  A piece of dialogue direct from a book and not a description of the male in question.

This week’s That’s What HE Said Thursday comes from J.R. Ward – The WARDen, I have so much love for her books it’s unreal but one of my all time favourite characters of hers has got to be Zsadist.  He’s just the ultimate character to me – he’s had a bad (and I mean bad) time of it but in the end, he gets the girl.

I’ve two quotes this week: The first is an exchange between Zsadist and his lady love Bella and I think it absolutely gorgeous, the second is not between Zsadist and Bella but it is about her and once again, it’s gorgeous.

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3)


“The necklace was a good excuse,” he murmured.

“For what?”

“I thought maybe I could go to Charleston and show up at your front door to give this back and maybe… you might let me in. Or something. I was worried that another male would court you, so I’ve been trying to go as fast as I could. I mean, I figured maybe if I could read, and if I took a little better care of myself, and if I tried to stop being such a mean-ass motherfucker…” He shook his head. “But don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I expected you to be happy to see me. I was just… you know, hoping… coffee. Tea. Chance to talk. Or some shit. Friends, maybe. Except if you had a male, he wouldn’t allow that. So, yeah, that’s why I’ve been hurrying.”

His yellow eyes lifted to hers. He was wincing, as if he were afraid of what might be showing on her face.

“Friends?” she said.

“Yeah… I mean, I wouldn’t disgrace you by asking for more than that. I know that you regret… Anyway, I just couldn’t let you go without… Yeah, so… friends.”

“She is more beautiful than I have words for. And last night, I was blessed beyond measure to serve her.”

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