Book Haul

Book Haul: 9th February 2016

Book Haul

Hi everyone! It’s only a little book haul today, I can almost – but not quite – guarantee that I’ll have a bigger one next week as I’m expecting books for my birthday 🙂

I’ve been asking for the next in series that I’ve been missing for many years and I am at last! one short of a whole series.

All titles link back to their respective Goodreads page.

Pre-Orders that arrived

I Wish You Were Mine (Oxford, #2) MACK (The King Trilogy Book 4) 20160208_215132

My pre-order of Bengal’s Quest turned up yesterday. I don’t know about you guys but I love coming home to a book I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t expecting Bengal’s Quest until August when Wild Embrace is released (combined postage) so I was chuffed when it arrived early and would you just look at that cover?!

I Wish You Were Mine and MACK landed on my Kindle in the past few days also.

Continuation of Series

Please excuse me while I *squee*.  I’ve been after Styxx for AGES – I bought it kindle a few months back as it was a deal but I really, really wanted it in paperback to continue my series on and I got it for Christmas.

I bought Son of No One last week for 99p + £2.80 postage and it’s new. I really can’t argue with that at all and these two goodies brings my Dark-Hunter series up to 24 out of 25.

I’m aiming to get the remainder of the Chronicles of Nick in paperback but they have to be the right dimensions.

20160208_215330 20160208_215343

New Series/Standalone

Mariana Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies, #1) The Revenant Water for Elephants

I also got the final installment in The Original Sinners: The White Years

The Queen (The Original Sinners)




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