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Why My Taste In Genre Has Changed…

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This is a new feature for me, traditionally my blog is mostly reviews and memes but I’ve been thinking about different things that I can talk about.  My second post in this new feature is Why My Taste In Genre Has Changed…

My standard genre is and always has been Paranormal Romance. My first one was – as I mentioned in my first post – was Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon and it’ll always be my Genre.  However as I’ve got older and most definitely wiser my tastes have changed.

They’ve fluctuated between paranormal romance to YA to crime to thrillers to science fiction and fantasy and back again. I’ve found – especially recently – that I’m not so much interested in new series of paranormal romance but rather in the age old classic Science Fiction & Fantasy.

For the past few months my book reading has slowly but steadily gravitated away from other genres and is currently sitting smack in the middle of the Sci-fi & Fantasy Genre and I find myself not caring.

It is attributed to a colleague of mine with his constant bloody badgering to read (in his words) better books. So I did and now I can’t stop.

I’m still reading my older series but I’m not actively searching for new series anymore unless it’s from my favourite authors.

I wonder sometimes if it’s just a phase or if it will be a continuation of taste. We shall see.

Has your tastes in Genre changed as you’ve got older or has it stayed relatively the same?

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