Review: Of Light and Fire by Gina Shafer

Of Light And Fire (Burned By Magic Series Book 1)

Title: Of Light and Fire | Series: Burned by Magic #1 | Author: Gina Shafer | Publisher: Self-published by Gina Shafer | Publication date: December 21st 2016 | Num. Pages: 245 | Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance | Format: Kindle

4 stars – An incredibly good debut novel

My thanks to Gina Shafer for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



I can still feel the magic sometimes, lingering like an old friend. It was everywhere, and its flame burned bright inside everyone. We are born from it, made of it – of light and fire.

For as long as he can remember, Elijah and the Brotherhood of The Sicarri have been at war against the Demons – the ones who have been twisted and burned by their greed for the flame of magic. After Elijah gets a troubling phone call from a fellow Sicarri brother, he must leave his wife and son behind to save his friend. When things don’t go as planned, his world is sent into chaos.

In the midst of death and destruction, Elijah must try to salvage the relationships he has with those closest to him while navigating the treacherous waters of love and betrayal. Can he exact his revenge on those who tore apart his old life? And will he be able to control his own fire raging within?


I was kindly given a copy of Of Light and Fire by the author to review a couple of days ago. The blurb does not do this book justice and for a debut I’m very impressed.  

The book follows the main character Elijah as he works with his brotherhood against the demons; Elijah has a family- a wife and 5 year old son – that he would die to protect from the war that is brewing between the Sicarri and the demons.  The book opens with Elijah’s wife begging him to talk to her about his nightmares or at the very least to write them down in about journal so he doesn’t wake their son with his screaming.  

What follows is an intricate tale of his most recent nightmare with some extra background information on the Sicarri and the demons (any further description from me will give you, the readers, spoilers and this is an no no) there’s also some major character emotion and development at this stage of the book which was brilliant. All too often do I see poorly written emotional context meshed with decent character development, however OLAF does not disappoint on this aspect. 

The majority of the secondary characters are well rounded off to merge seamlessly into the prose with the primary characters of which there are approximately 3-5 (depending on how you look at each character involved) the bombshell Elijah received is subsequently mellowed by the introduction of Karina. 

Karina – a Sicarri Intel operative who moonlights as a warrior – is the new “love interest” of Elijah and she brings a lot of new feelings to the table for him. Yes there is sex in this book but it is few and far between and the book focuses more on the action and the emotional distress of Elijah.  

This is going to sound wrong on so many levels but I really enjoyed the distress of Elijah – insofar as to say I enjoyed how it was written rather than the actual distress.  Of Light and Fire has a heavy dose of father/son relationship which has it’s own trials and tribulations in order to succeed.  

The dialogue was good and there’s few long and arduous words in the prose. The character balance off each other was good. In summary: read this book!

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