Review: Silent City by G. R. Matthews

Silent City (Corin Hayes, #1)

Title: Silent City | Series: Corin Hayes #1 | Author: G.R. Matthews | Publisher: Amazon Digital Services | Publication date: April 12th 2015 | Num. Pages: 186 | Genre: Sci-Fi | How I owned it: Copy kindly provided by the author

5 stars – A fantastic story with great characters

Many thanks to the author G.R. Matthews for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


In the Corporation owned cities life is tough. All Hayes wants is money and a bar to spend it in. He is about to learn that some jobs in the abyss can be killers. For a man who has lost everything, is life even worth fighting for?


Silent City is the first in a new series from G. R. Matthews and it’s a short, sweet and to the point book. It isn’t something that you would have considered fantasy in the beginning as it doesn’t have any dragons or unicorns or anything like that but who cares? Fantasy by definition is something that the author can imagine, anything that you can possibly contemplate and it’s fantasy. 

Geoff has brought this definition to a tee in this book.

It follows Corin Hayes – a down-on-his-luck ex soldier with a really unique job skill – the man can pilot a Fish-Suit. A Fish-Suit I hear you ask? It’s essentially a specialised scuba suit that, instead of letting you breathe via a oxygen tank, the oxygen is liquidated and it allows you to breathe underwater! 

Now why am I so excited by this fact? The whole book is set UNDERWATER! Something happened decades ago that made all the humans retreat underwater to survive – the military, regular people everyone – the world as we know it has basically come to an end and y’all better learn to swim. 

The world below has been sectioned into various different Corporations – the two we hear most about in this book are NOAH and VKYN – where life is hard, it’s all airlocks and submarines and Silent Cities – dark cities where communication is limited and the land is contested between the Corporations – which is where our story is set. 

Corin, as a character, has been put through the wringer quite a bit and you feel for him or I certainly did. His character is basically every single opinionated person who doesn’t give a fuck about what they do or say, doesnt give a fuck how much they drink and who they get into a fight with. He’s awesome! 

The writing style was great, it had this sort of monologing without monologing if that even made sense? It was written like you were there in Corin’s head experiencing it all along with him which is something I love about first person narrative. Third person is great but sometimes I want to be right in there experiencing it as the character does.

The chapters flowed well with each other and there was no conflict between them. A nice evenly balanced prose and dialogue and a nice simple military lingo that could be understood. 

In all, a very pleasing book and it is highly recommended. 

5 thoughts on “Review: Silent City by G. R. Matthews

  1. My first read from GR’s works. Loved this book and rated it 5 stars but never wrote the review. Rereading again now. 🙂

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      1. Planning to. I am also reading Stone roads. Want to review all his books before he releases the last of the Forbidden series.

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