MCM London Comic Con 27th May 2017


So I attended MCM London Comic Con on Saturday 27th May and I spent my entire time there in the author panels – except for maybe half an hour on a scout for food. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I spammed your feeds big time with everything that was being said so check out my Twitter @dashofwits. What will follow is just pictures of the panelists and all my signed things; all the panels will incredibly interesting to sit in and I’m glad I braved the mania of Comic Con on a Saturday for them.

Later on I will have a post crafted to give you more details into the Quirk Books event Book Pop that I attended on Monday with three wonderful authors. Along with more autographs!

Panel One was Tor Presents – Fantastic Fiction 


L-R: Laura Lam, Dr Vic James, Zen Cho, Adrian Tchaikovsky

Panel Two – To Infinity and Beyond


L-R: Tom Toner, Al Robertson, Alastair (Al) Reynolds, Justina Robson, Jamie Sawyer, Peter F Hamilton, Andrew Bannister and Ian McDonald

Panel Three – The Big Breakthrough


L-R: Marcus from Gollancz, Adrian Selby, R.J. Barker, G.X Todd, Ed McDonald and Nicholas Eames

Panel Four – Scary Stories for Scary Times


L-R: Jason Arnopp, M.R. Carey, Al Robertson, Claire North and Edward Cox

Powerful Women in Pop Culture


L-R: G.X. Todd, Jen Williams, Justina Robson, Ashley Posten, Kim Curran, Hope Nicholson and the empty space was filled by Sam Maggs, Ann as moderator


On this page I have autographs from Ian McDonald, Alastair Reynolds, Mark Stay and Edward Cox20170527_200447.jpg

Dr Vic James20170527_200451

Laura Lam


Adrian Tchaikovsky


Adrian Selby – complete with magic mushroom

The Relic Guild, The Cathedral of Known Things and The Watcher of Dead Time signed by Ed Cox

 Slow Bullets and Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds


The Switch by Justina Robson

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames and the special limited edition artwork by a friend of his of the characters in the book.

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