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Mini Review: Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh




Title: Cherish Hard | Series: Play Hard #1 | Author: Nalini Singh | Publisher: TKA Distribution | Publication date: November 14th 2017 | Num. Pages: 374 | Genre: Contemporary Romance

4 stars – A classic Nalini Contemporary

Cherish Hard was a good story about a rich woman and a poor man (for a change!) who come together in the strangest of circumstances and find themselves falling in love.

As always, Nalini Singh’s characters are strong in their own right. Isalind an independent and caring poet; Sailor a independent and hard working gardener.

Both have lived through difficulties in their early years and have come through it stronger and wiser.

Cherish Hard is a lovely story of finding love when you thought it was lost. Of finding The One when you thought it was never yours to find.

The story though a standard novel size seemed to go much faster than it should have but that is how I read every Nalini book. They’re fast paced, witty and full of drama. These characters were sassy and smart – Yes Sailor too!

The secondary characters played off against the main characters perfectly and it was a good insight into the Bishop-Esera clan and how they do things.

Overall, a classic contemporary romance with the classic Nalini Singh flair.

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