Update on Raptureinbooks

Hi guys,

For those of you who don’t know there has been over the past few months some technical hiccups with Raptureinbooks. Those are resolved and have been for a bit but I recently took up crocheting as an extra hobby and then I joined a charity.

This charity is Octopus For a Preemie UK. A wonderful charity where people knit and crochet miniature octopuses and jellyfish for babies who are born premature or babies who are born sleeping. I won’t lie – as a topic that has affected my family this charity was something I felt compelled to do and crocheting took over my reading time.

The past fortnight – no lie. The past fortnight – I have come to a conclusion.

Reading was my first passion.

Crochet is my second.

I’ve been trying to come to an easy balance between my two passions and I’ve been slowly getting back into reading.

I’ve got a couple of reviews to write- Ocean Light by Nalini Singh, Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence and others.

My first review to be posted is going to be Ravencry by Ed McDonald as part of the blog tour. I began Ravencry on Monday. I finished it a minute ago.

1.5 hours reading and 1 hours crocheting a night so far is an easy balance for me.

I hope you see more reviews from me at Raptureinbooks in the weeks to come!

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